How Does It Work

Slip It onto the mattress

Bunch elastic bands in your hands and slide NeaterBed™ sleeve onto mattress.

Soft sleeve-and-clip system, One-time set up for everyday use.

Fits easily over any 8”-16” standard, memory foam or box spring and mattress.

Available in 4 sizes: Twin/Twin XL, Full, Queen or King.

Clip It to any bed covering

Attaches easily to comforters, duvets, coverlets, quilts and more!

Find the center of the comforter/duvet and insert bottom seam into clips and close, working from center to outside edges.

Usable with most bed-frames, including platform beds, adjustable beds, sleigh beds, poster beds, bunk beds or classic box spring/mattress beds.

Flip It onto your bed

Gently lift mattress and tug the NeaterBed™ sleeve to re-adjust underneath tab so clips are not visible.

Make bed as usual with mattress pad, fitted sheet, blanket etc.

Flip comforter/duvet over made bed.

Easy as that.

Set up the NeaterBed™ system and start every day in a simple, easy and stress-free way. 

No matter your décor and style, the NeaterBed™ patented system helps to create a beautiful bed – easily!