Questions and Answers

What side is up?

What step is 1st? Slipping or Clipping?

Can I put the NeaterBed™ on the mattress by myself?

Where do I place the NeaterBed™?

Will the NeaterBed™ work with my bed?

Will the clips hurt my bedding?

How much fabric do I place in the clips?

Do I need special sheets?

What if the clips are showing?

How do I install the NeaterBed™ if I have a footboard?

Will my feet and legs feel trapped?

Can I use a 2”-3” foam mattress topper?

Can I use NeaterBed™ in my Dorm Room?

Can I wash the NeaterBed™?

Can a young child become entangled in the NeaterBed™ device?

Do you guarantee a better night’s sleep?